BT-Pusher Professional WiFi&BlueTooth Marketing Device
What is proximity Marketing?

Proximity Marketing offers an effective and affordable solution for communicating with a large audience within the proximity of your advertised product or service. This is achieved by sending multimedia content to the potential customer's mobile phone using a Bluetooth or Wireless device.
The most effective content offers the recipient something special like a discount on a product or service, a free ringtone, video, mobile wallpaper, screensaver or something else that the audience will find of value.


What is WiFi Marketing?

Some smartphones can not receive Bluetooth message – most notably iPhones,iPad. That's why Devicegate(BT-Pusher) offers a wireless marketing solution that resolves this issue. By offering Wi-Fi marketing, we ensure that 100% of the mobile marketing market is eligible to receive your marketing messages because they're hosted on a mobile website.
Wi-Fi marketing interacts with iPhone,iPad, Blackberry and any other WiFi enabled Smart Phones.

What is Bluetooth Marketing and Advertising?

Currently Bluetooth technology is the latest advertising and marketing media. Bluetooth Marketing and Bluetooth Advertising is the latest way to contact with the potential or existing customers.
Bluetooth Marketing and Bluetooth Advertising device is the operation of pushing contents via Bluetooth radios to surrounding devices, the Bluetooth Advertising device specializes in providing information, entertainment, discounts, coupons, and other promotional material to users of mobile phones and other portable Bluetooth-enabled devices.

What are the benefits of Bluetooth marketing? Compared with traditional advertising media, Bluetooth advertising has the following advantages:

Unlimited Free Advertising
24x7x365 information delivery with very little operator intervention required.
Information transfer will not be any interference with telecom operators
Information directly to the customer's personal mobile device
Users have the right to decide whether to accept the information
Sent a variety of file formats (animated gif, mp3, games, Java applications, ring tones, business cards)
Advertising content easily understood by customers
Can be installed in any place you want to display information
Information can be saved for future to see when needed
You can fully control the entire marketing process, and can easily make changes to your ad content and plans.
Bluetooth Marketing is environmentally friendly because there is no paper waste, you are simply transferring rich
multimedia digital flyers direct to peoples phones. Many councils are now banning the use of paper flyers for environmental reasons.
A lot of your target customers,almost everyone has a mobile phone, and over 80% of all have Bluetooth-enabled mobile.
Far more cost effective than Newspaper, Radio and Directory Advertising
Has no hidden fees or ongoing costs only a fixed cost
Bluetooth advertising has a re-transmitted, when a customer receives some valuable information he thinks, and then, It will be through the free way of Bluetooth technology or SMS sent to his friends and family.
Everything is spread through the air,do not have to worry about advertising the latter part of the work of cleaning and removal.
Can be used as advertising solutions for portable outdoor activities, anytime, anywhere to do marketing
Measurability:you will know how many customers accepted which of your ads, which rejected the ad content. Any other advertising method can only be estimated.

Bluetooth marketing device can send a wide variety of information formats
Text [txt file]
Static images [GIF or JPG file]
Animated image [GIF file]
Audio [WAV, MP3, or ring tones file]
Video [as RM, 3GP or MP4 file]
Java Applications
WGZ format program file
There are no technical limitations of the content files you can broadcast to mobile phones of your customers. Except
some special cases, you can send anything the target mobile phone will read. If the customer's phone is not the file
format or file size restrictions.
Comparison with the traditional advertising

The high cost of traditional advertising, and the results were not sure, and even you do not know how many customers know the content of your ads.


10000 A4-size printed color flyers, will spend at least 2000 RMB, Also need to hire personnel to distribute your flyers,but also worried some streets can not be distributed problems.

Newspaper Ads

You place an a four one-page advert in a local paper that has a stated readership of approximately 100,0000 people and You will cost a few thousand RMB.

Even so, how many people actually read your ads? In these 100 million people, the vast majority of people may be just Care Entertainment information or advertisements, or sports news or the TV program guide, Very few people read a newspaper from cover to cover.So it is probably only about 1,000 people actually see your ads, but these people can have a couple of people to you Ad interested in? Certainly not much!

Therefore,DeviceGate Technology Co.,Ltd officially released the first Bluetooth Marketing Device product BT-Pusher in October 2007, until now, we have released the full-serials Bluetooth marketing devices BT-Pusher, including BT-Pusher STANDALONE, BT-Pusher STANDARD,BT-Pusher PRO,BT-Pusher PROE,BT-Pusher PRO+ long range Marketing device with regional synergy function.and in 2011,we have released wifi&bluetooth proximity marketing COMBI device COMBI NANO,COMBI PRO,COMBI PROE,COMBI PRO+ as well. We are the first professional Bluetooth marketing device manufacturer in China, the leading provider of Bluetooth marketing device in whole world.